Our Story



Hamish and Annabel Elliott are Nottingham-based entrepreneurs using their professional knowledge and experience to support Nottingham's unemployed youth to realise their economic potential. They co-founded Double T in March 2014, following their renovation project of Carrington's Coach House, which now serves as Double T's headquarters.

Sherbrooke Road is historically featured as a hive of entrepreneurship in Nottingham's cultural heritage, with traders, merchants and dairy farmers among the businesses in Carrington's industrial triangle. Among these businesses is the Coach House, which was a hub of transport for these traders and merchants, making it an essential 'driver' of Carrington's enterprise.

Hamish and Annabel want to revive the street's industrious past by opening up The Coach House as a space for community members, to recognise their own economic potential, the barriers preventing them from reaching it, and gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the modern world of work.​

What We Do



Double T are a social enterprise which launched in March 2014.  

Based in Carrington, Nottingham, we provide a local property management and development service around the residential communities of Carrington, Sherwood and Mapperley, making an ethical social impact in doing so. We reinvest all profits from our property services into an independent, innovative re-engagement programme which supports young people in Nottingham to find and sustain meaningful employment.

 The most important part of this is helping young people to realise their economic potential, which often means getting the confidence needed to enter the world of work. This may include the need for support with managing mental health, with a disability or learning difficulty, with re-discovering their learning style or reconnecting with society after spending a long time out of work or education.

We also help young people access opportunities to actively improve their skills through volunteering and work placements. Through our end-to-end property development and management services, we provide a range of volunteer and work placement opportunities for unemployed people to develop their skills and build their confidence to find meaningful and sustainable employment. We also have local partners who provide volunteer and work experience opportunities which may suit other preferences for work experience.