What We Do



Double T are a social enterprise which launched in March 2015 by Annabel and Hamish Elliott.  Our vision is to create a new way for businesses to operate, where supporting unemployed people to develop their skills and confidence to prevail in the workplace becomes the norm for companies big and small.  In doing so we would drastically reduce the cost to tax payers of expensive and profit-driven employment support programmes.

  Based in Carrington, Nottingham, we provide property development and management services in Nottingham.  We reinvest all profits from our property services into a programme we run which supports young people in Nottingham to find and sustain meaningful employment.  Our ambition is to create a completely self sufficient employment-support model and then replicate it across the city and beyond!

By choosing Double T to undertake your property development project you will not only receive professional, competitively priced and well managed building services, you will also be directly supporting young unemployed people in your community.

Our Story


 Hamish's background was working at a senior level for large corporations that delivered welfare to work contracts for the Government.  He had become very disillusioned with how these companies prioritised profit ahead of people and so, together with Annabel, sought an alternative approach through Double T.  

Annabel had spent more than a decade working for local museums and galleries designing and delivering projects that support very hard to reach audiences.  Annabel has used these skills to develop a unique and person centered approach for supporting local unemployed young people.